A Glorious New England Fall

Columbus Day Weekend is always the height of the “leaf peepers” arriving in our part of Northwestern Connecticut. This year they enjoyed a particularly colorful show.  The long wet, cool August and then the dry, rather hot September setthe stage for a blaze of color.   It is now quite late, and although the temperatures dropped to 32 degrees on Sunday, it was not cold long enough to kill off the still blooming dahlias and cannas.






Skye’s vegetable garden continues to produce although the tomatoes are lingering green rather than turning red but the chard and kale love the cool nights.  And the Mina Lobata which mixed in with the climbing pole beans over the center arches is a medley of orange and yellow.   And the Woodshed is all stacked full of logs for the fireplaces this winter.   My gardening time is more indoors as all the tender plants have now been tucked into the Greenhouse.   And I am busy collecting seeds to share through the Hardy Plant Society.

The Well House is about to become a clubhouse for Skye and Charlie.  Pop was busy this past weekend helping them empty the summer things already placed there for winter storage (to move to the upper barn) and digging out the dirt floor to make an even surface for a proper wooden floor, yet to be installed.  New windows and existing electricity make it the perfect clubhouse.  I am waiting for them to come up with a name.   No more book talks for me until late November when I deliver my 60th in Fort Worth, Texas.