Review in Hortus, A Gardening Journal — No. 127 Autumn 2018

Judith B. Tankard has written a wonderful review in her American Book Notes in the British quarterly, Hortus, a Gardening Journal in the Autumn 2018 issue.  Here is her review and she has also included on the next page the glorious Aerial view of Central Park from my book. 

Review by Choice Connect, September 2018

A positive review  in the September issue of Choice Connect recommends my book for all readers.  The review closes by saying: “Copiously illustrated and engagingly written, this book is a delight to read and brings much-deserved attention to a group of garden heroes.”  

Yale Law Report

I was delighted to see my book mentioned in the Yale Law Report, not usually inclined to mention books on a horticultural topic.   But as I am a graduate of the Yale Law School, they were kind to include me in their list of alumni publications.

Historic Gardens Review — March 2013 Issue

Nice to have the book reviewed in Historic Gardens Review.  The reviewer, Alice Crabb, concludes with “Robinson’s crisp narrative emphasises that in spite of the showbiz element (Elton John was one high-profile client) Verey’s work should not be forgotten and was underpinned by considerable scholarship.