Yale Law Report

I was delighted to see my book mentioned in the Yale Law Report, not usually inclined to mention books on a horticultural topic.   But as I am a graduate of the Yale Law School, they were kind to include me in their list of alumni publications.

The Beatrix Farrand Society News — Review by Judith Tankard

Judith Tankard kindly invited me to give a book talk for the Beatrix Farrand Society this past summer on Mt. Desert in Maine and has written a warm review for the Society’s News, describing the book as “one of the most enjoyable books for sheer reading pleasure!”  Thank you so much Judith.       …

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Historic Gardens Review — March 2013 Issue

Nice to have the book reviewed in Historic Gardens Review.  The reviewer, Alice Crabb, concludes with “Robinson’s crisp narrative emphasises that in spite of the showbiz element (Elton John was one high-profile client) Verey’s work should not be forgotten and was underpinned by considerable scholarship.

The Green Scene Review March-April 2013

A wonderful review in The Green Scene magazine written by Gordon Hayward came out just before I spoke at the Philadelphia Flower Show in the March-April edition.  Wonderful press and publicity before the talk.  The Theme was fortuitously British and titled “Brilliant.”    Coincidentally, my talk was on March 3, precisely the same date but in …

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Martha Stewart Living — February 2013

In the February 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living, Melissa Ozawa wrote about gardening books, one page of which was called “Titles that Teach” and the other page was called “Books to Inspire.”   Happily, she included my book about Rosemary Verey as the second book of six she listed and described.

The American Gardener — January/February 2013

  The American Gardener, The Magazine of the American Horticultural Society, included my book with five other garden biographies, including that of my much admired friend, Judith Tankard, and her wonderful book about Gertrude Jekyll along with four other books I am now longing to read.

The Midwest Book Review – December 2012

This review said that while the book could have been reviewed as a biography, it was featured on The Gardening Shelf because “no avid gardener or collection catering to them should miss this.”

The English Garden — January 2013

   Here is a wonderful, personal and thoughtful review of my book written by Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall who knew and worked with Rosemary Verey.