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Scan 8I was delighted to see my book mentioned in the Yale Law Report, not usually inclined to mention books on a horticultural topic.   But as I am a graduate of the Yale Law School, they were kind to include me in their list of alumni publications.

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  1. Barbara! Hello! I am so happy to have come across your book and then your website in my search for gardening information. What a lovely post-Debevoise life! It was so nice to see your face, if only on my screen.

    As for me, I am still in Washington, DC, although I left my political appointment three years ago. I then got very involved with a church here, met a similarly devoted man, and married him. So “Nia Phillips” is no more! As Nia Spencer, I’m very happily taking a break from paid employment, working inside my home instead. My hope is to develop a new passion soon that leads to a lovely re-emergence in a new field. (You see? You’re still my role model, almost 20 years later!)

    Best and warmest regards,


    • Hello Nia. How lovely to hear from you! And to hear all lovely things about your life. I am in the other Washington, the one in Connecticut, but if your travels every take you north, please know you have an open invitation for come visit. And if the snow now on the ground ever melts, to walk around the garden. Amazing that you found my book! It has been great fun but my husband, Charlie, says that after 60 book talks, I am not allowed to give any more book talks until I write another one. Which I am now trying to do. Best to you and warmest regards — hoping to have a chance to see you in person at Brush Hill — Barbara

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