My Wall St. Journal Book Review April 9-10, 2022

This year I was asked to review a single book for the Wall Street Journal’s Spring Review Issue for the weekend edition April 9-10, 2022 on Catie Marron’s book Becoming A Gardener: What Reading andDigging Taught Me About Living. You can read the review by clicking here Scan 8.jpeg-pdf

My Gardening Book Review in the Wall Street Journal April 18-19, 2020

I was honored to be asked again to write the annual round up review of new garden books by Christopher Carduff, books editor of the Wall Street Journal and thrilled to see in come into print this past weekend in the separate weekend review section.  If you open the link I hope you can read …

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Remembering Rosemary

by Barbara Paul Robinson, The English Garden, February 2008. Also appeared in Morning Calm, Korean Air Magazine, October 2008