Cambridge Plant and Garden Club Book Talk

On Monday morning, April 7, 2014, I had the great pleasure of speaking to The Cambridge Plant and Garden Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Karen Biemann shown standing with me, welcomed us all to her lovely home.  Special thanks to Janet Plotkin who invited me to speak and who organized a wonderful day, giving me the most effusive introduction.  Last June, she brought a group from the Club to visit Brush Hill so I was delighted to see so many old friends. Here is a picture of Janet with some of the other members and Charlie on the terrace at Brush Hill during their June visit.





The members produced a magnificent spread and I worried a bit about giving my talk since I was standing between the audience and all that lovely food.  I was completely unable to resist the deviled eggs!   Marvelous Martha helped me master the technology, always the most challenging part of any book talk.  And I had a delightful time talking to the members after the talk and hearing their many fascinating stories.