Center for Continuing Education, Mamaroneck, NY

On a perfectly beautiful day, a delightful group came from the Center for Continuing Education in Mamaroneck, New York.   Donna Leftwich, who serves on that Board of Directors, led the group and is shown here with me.   She overcame the challenge of figuring out how to maneuver their large bus to get in since cell phones don’t work up here and she couldn’t reach me to ask.  After bravely walking over the cattle grate, she found me and all was quickly resolved thanks to our large Parking Field entrance.   So after a bit of a late start, the group quickly fanned out in the garden and up into the Woodland Walk.  One member found a quiet shady spot up on one of the stonewalls of the Waterworks.

IMG_5549 IMG_5547IMG_5546




Being a Continuing Education group, they were interested in hearing some of the history of Brush Hill and a bit about my book — some of them even bought copies for me to sign.  Thank you!    I hope you will come back again for a longer stay.IMG_5548