David R. Godine, Publisher

By delightful coincidence, David R. Godine, the publisher of my book, has the company’s main warehouse in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, right next door to Dublin where I was scheduled to give a book talk.  The main offices of David R. Godine have always been, and still are, in Boston but the warehouse is in Dublin because David happens to have a weekend home there.  An added treat for me was to finally visit “command central” in terms of all orders and shipments of books.  Michele Christian has become an invaluable ally in my efforts to have my books available to all who wanted them.  At long last I got to meet Michele, shown with me , David and Christine who is also an essential part of the team.  Afterwards, I had the great pleasure of visiting David and his wife, Sara in their own historic home in Dublin, a home once occupied by Mark Twain.  David and Sara gave Charlie and me a tour and shared some of their major challenges in their renovation of the house, but they also showed us a series of photographs of Mark Twain sitting on a rocker on the very same porch, enjoying the view of Monadnock Mountain.   The principle Mark Twain house and now museum happens to be not far from our own Brush Hill in Connecticut.  David, Sara and I are shown in front of the handsome entrance to the house, before we all went off for a delicious dinner.