Garden Conservancy Open Days and Mad Gardeners June 20 and 21

Despite the threat of bad weather, the garden was open from 10 AM to 4 PM along with others in Litchfield County for the Garden Conservancy Open Days Program.   I always choose this time of year because it is the peak of the Rose Walk and this year the Foxgloves added a spectacular touch.  Fortunately, the rains held off until 2:30 or so and the sporadic showers that followed were not too heavy.  The overcast day was not really ideal, although it made for dreamy photographs.  A total of 121 people came during the course of the day.   The following day, the garden was open from 2 PM to 5 PM for the Mad Gardeners, a wonderful group self described by its name and active in this part of Connecticut.  The Cornus Kousas also put on a splash of white against the barn and the stone walls of the Serpentine Garden provided a seat for one of the visitors.   IMG_4827IMG_4830