LongHouse Reserve Landscape Award to Lynden Miller September 21, 2019

On a magnificent day of bright, clear sunshine, the prestigious LongHouse Reserve Landscape Award was given to Lynden Miller, one of the outstanding heroines in my book, Heroes of Horticulture: Americans Who Transformed the Landscape, as she certainly has done.  Talks followed from two others recognized, Amy Goldman Fowler and Thomas Woltz.  I was honored to be asked to come to present the award to her and to finally have the great pleasure of visiting Jack Lenore Larsen’s brilliant garden creation in East Hampton.  The event began first at St. Luke’s Church with a welcome from Jack Larsen.  Then these three  honorees spoke to an enthusiastic audience.  Here is Jack, followed by Lynden.  Amy Goldman Fowler and Thomas Woltz spoke next.


Then we drove to LongHouse, where a lovely luncheon awaited us in the garden and the awards were presented.   Here is the setting and Lynden watching me speak about her in that amazing setting, with the backdrop of an impressive piece of sculpture.  Then she graciously and briefly accepted the award as you see above this post.  




First Martha Stewart presented the Direction Award to Charles and Kathleen Marder, of local nursery fame.  Followed by Todd Forrest of the New York Botanical Garden presenting an award for publication to Amy Goldman Fowler for her new  book.  And Steven Gambrel presented another Landscape award to Thomas Woltz, each shown here.  Best of all, afterwards I had a memorable tour of Jack’s great garden.