My Latest Review in the Washington Post by Michael Dirda

I was thrilled to be included in Michael Dirda’s summer book round up in the Washington Post on May 16, 2018.  He kindly reviewed my book along with several others, beginning his column bemoaning “So many books, so little time, and worst of all so little space.”  He finished this column with my book, first noting that it was spring, “when yardwork demands the last full measure of devotion.  Still, maybe I will gain some inspiration from Barbara Paul Robinson’s excellent “Heroes of Horticulture: Americans Who Transformed the Landscape” (Godine}, a lavishly illustrated set of biographical essays on ‘gardeners, plant explorers and conservationists.  My late colleague, Henry Mitchell who wrote the Post’s gruffly opinionated and endearing “Earthman” column, would have loved it.”  High praise indeed to be linked to another hero in the late Henry Mitchell by Michael Dirda.  You can read the full article here

When my book first came out, I had a delightful conversation with C. L. Fornari on her program The Garden Lady podcasting at on April 7.   You can hear the interview — Under the Interview for April 7, C

/ under the entry for April 7.

Then I had another conversation on the radio with Jennifer Ebeling who also has a podcast called The Still Growing Podcast on April 9.