New Stone Walls For the Garden

With the beautiful new mahagony arbor for the Rose Walk, the crumbling ancient stonewall had to rise to the occasion.   Voila!   A handsome, but cement free, stone wall was produced by re-assembling the stones that were there.  IMG_7104




That made the split rail fence on the outside of the adjacent Moon Garden suddenly look quite out of place. Another excuse for Charlie to get up onto his beloved tractor and with the help of Steve Tabacinski, to remove the rails, dig a trench for footings for the new wall to be (to insure the new wall would not be affected by future frost heaves) and then to proceed to begin to build a new stonewall there.  IMG_7100IMG_7107


He went a bit stonewall crazy and wanted to also build one arching around the entrance to the Greenhouse in place of the box hedge that has been there for years and has overgrown its space.  I opted for maintaining green instead so we will jsut replace the hedge with new, smaller plants.  It wouldn’t feel like Brush Hill for Charlie if he didn’t have major projects!