Noanett Garden Club, Massachusetts Visit on May 27, 2015

The Noanett Garden Club arrived on a beautiful day in late May, thanks to the fine organizing done by Amy Beckwith.  They first enjoyed a box lunch picnic on the terrace, enhanced by Charlie’s pouring wine, and then to stroll through the gardens.  No doubt the wine added to the enthusiasm!   One group sat at the large table shown above with the resident wine-pourer, and another at a smaller table nearby.  Another group strategically took over the Folly in the heart of the garden above us.





Unfortunately, the tulips were almost all over, having made a spectacular display in all the borders, but the graceful lily-flowering ones are a bit later so carried on, the lovely white streaked with red Marilyn with some Red Shine mixed in shown in the Wheelbarrow Border and a few lingering yellow West Point in the Moon Garden.  The Clivia which should have bloomed long before offered a spectacular show in the kitchen.