Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach –2/20/2020

What an auspicious date to give a book talk for the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach on 2/20/2020! I was honored to be asked to speak about my book, Heroes of Horticulture, for the Foundation and you can see what a beautiful building the Foundation is housed in.  Above I stand in front of the home of the Foundation in a building that is a great example of historic Palm Beach style even though it was only built in 2006.

Below you can see Charlie and me entering the building after a very long drive across the state of Florida from Boca Grande to Palm Beach.  Also Katie Jacob, Director of Programs, is with me in the garden — she did heroics and made sure the slide program and all the systems were up and running perfectly for my talk.  Even though it was a lovely day, over 60 people came inside to hear my talk. 





After my talk I signed books in the handsome library which displays different historic exhibits.

And then I had the great pleasure of walking through the Pan Garden, now marvelously redone by Susan Lerner standing with me.  Even though Susan only arrived about 1 1/2 years ago, she has redone so much, keeping only native plants of Florida and opening views, paths and water features to enchant the visitor.