Sharon Book Event at Hotchkiss Library and Bryn Mawr Garden Event

Saturday, August 4 — Here I am with the Bryn Mawr team who organized a lovely day at Brush Hill for about 60 Bryn Mawr alumnae and their friends and guests.  Note the sign Charlie instantly painted above welcoming everyone — with a special pun and nod to the Bryn Mawr owl.   Whooray!    Although it was terribly hot, it was sunny and dry, allowing everyone to stroll through the gardens and take particular pleasure in the cool shade and soothing music of the Waterworks.  It was a lovely afternoon and Charlie and I welcomed them all with plentiful food and drink, as well as a few remarks about the house and evolution of the garden.  I also spoke briefly about my book and my experience with Rosemary Verey and Barnsley House.

The evening before, on Friday, August 3, I was delighted to participate in the annual book event at The Hotchkiss Library in Sharon, CT.  Numerous authors signed books at tables set all around a large, welcoming tent, while delicious tidbits were passed around and drinks offered.  I loved being there even though I was the only author who had no books!   Instead, I had handsome posters and order forms for signed copies.  It was very hot but at least it was dry and sunny.  Afterwards, Lynden and Leigh Miller generously hosted a dinner for 14 guests and invited me to talk briefly about my book.  We had a lively conversation and of course, the setting was enhanced by the views of Lynden’s magnificent gardens all around us.