Society of the Four Arts and the Garden Club of Palm Beach Event

On January 30th, The Society of the Four Arts together with the Garden Club of Palm Beach co-sponsored my book talk in the marvelous, new Dixon Auditorium.  Here I am with Molly Charland, the Director of Education for The Society.  Fortunately for me, it was a rare rainy day so we had a terrific turn out — too wet for golf or tennis!   Before the talk the Garden Club hosted the most elegant lunch in the Conservatory in the gardens of the Society which the Club helps plant and maintain as a public service.  I was thrilled by the most beautiful table settings that featured purple alliums, echoing the beautiful book cover image taken by the great photographer, Jerry Harpur, showing the alliums coming up under Rosemary Verey’s iconic Laburnum Walk.  Here is the beautiful table and you see me happily standing with Molly Charland, Vicky Hunt who is the President of the Garden Club of Palm Beach, Melinda Hassen who was instrumental in organizing the event for the Garden Club and Brandyce Stephenson, a colleague of Molly’s at the Four Arts.





There was a large and enthusiastic audience and I was delighted to see some good friends there.  Kay Keith is shown with me after the talk, and then my Washington, Connecticut friends, Bernie and Linda Dishy, and Gus and Rita Hauser (Rita also came to the lunch and hosted a delightful tea for us afterwards).