St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Woodbury, CT June 25, 2017

Mariana Daniels is shown above smiling broadly as the sun broke out, along with me and Judy Harmon,  Diane and other volunteers for the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Woodbury, Connecticut, organized a garden party at Brush Hill as a benefit for their church last year and it was such a success, they asked if they could do it again.  I first met Mariana when she kindly invited me to give a book talk in Woodbury sometime ago and we became friends.  The first date was set for this year’s party on June 4 proved to be a washout.  The rains arrived just after all the work had been done and the tables all set up.  At the last moment, the event had to be cancelled and was postponed to this rain date of June 25.   But yet again, just as the tables were being set up, the skies darkened and it started to rain.  Mariana was beside herself — until the skies quickly brightened and her smile returned.   IMG_9173 IMG_9174IMG_9175


The weather proved perfection and the food prepared by the ladies of the Church was beautiful as the gardens.  I was amazed by the shortbread cookies decorated with photographic images of flowers in the garden, somehow printed on marshmallow paper — news to me!

This year has been glorious for bloom and the roses were spectacular.  A happy ending to some difficult challenges along the way.  IMG_9177 IMG_9178