Talk for the Johann Fust Library Foundation and The Planters of Boca Grande

I had the great pleasure of speaking for the Johann Fust Library Foundation and The Planters of Boca Grande at the Community Center there on January 23.   I am with Jon Bednerik, the Executive Director of the Foundation, standing in the lovely courtyard of the Library, dazzled by the beautiful colorful plantings all around me.  The day before was a bit harrowing, since one of the many snow storms of this year resulted in over 5,000 cancelled flights out of New York, including mine.  So after heroic re-arrangements and a flight into another City with an overnight at the airport, Charlie and I managed to drive to Boca Grande in time for the next day’s events.  My dear friends as well as one of my favorite law partners, Bob and Jane Geniesse welcomed us into their lovely home.   Jane is herself an accomplished and brilliant biographer, having given me the invaluable advice about how to begin my own book with a striking scene before reverting to the chronological story.  She is shown here in front of the Library shortly before my talk.  And Bob, who also serves on the Foundation board,  gave me a wonderful introduction; he is pictured here with me after the talk along with Jon and Cnris Cowperthwaite, who heads the board of the Foundation.





Before my talk, Barbara Wickwire hosted a delightful luncheon at her home for some of the members of The Planters of Boca Grande who co-sponsored the event.  She is pictured here with Jane Geneisse, Charlie and her husband, Emerson, at a marvelous dinner Jane and Bob hosted at their home later that day.   Having returned to sub-zero weather at Brush Hill and over a foot of snow, we are certainly missing being in Boca Grande.  IMG_1106