The Garden Conservancy Fellows Visit Brush Hill

After three days of visiting 14 of the best gardens in Litchfield County, I was sure that by the fourth day the group of Fellows coming to visit Brush Hill would be on garden overload!  But these were a particularly energetic and enthusiastic bunch.  Undaunted by gray skies after their first three beautiful sunny days, the group arrived on Thursday morning September 14 and immediately spread out to explore.    Charlie and I were happy to welcome James Brayton Hall, the Garden Conservancy President, for his return to Brush Hill.

Many of these Fellows were good friends.  Several had been on earlier Garden Cosnervancy tours with us.  Happily the rains held off until their departure and after some of them had a chance to just relax on the south terrace.  Then Sheila Moloney, the Director of the Fellows Tours, took charge in her calm, quiet but organized way to press everyone on to their final stop to see the glories of the gardens at Maywood.