The Garden Conservancy Open Day — June 18,2016

It was a beautiful day for the 170 plus visitors who came to Brush Hill on the day we were open for the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program.  The Cornus Kousas were a magnificent show this year, their white bracts vivid against the gray of the barn and the roses were at their peak, enhanced this year by the elegant new mahogany posts and cross beams.    IMG_2969IMG_2975




Alongside the Folly, Philadelphus ‘Janet Reidy’, named for my good friend and brilliant gardener, Janet Reidy, was exuberant, looking more like a rose than a mock orange.  IMG_2998

The temperature was pleasant but the sun was bright, so the iced tea and iced water on offer on the terrace were in great demand.   We are lucky to have a flat, firm, large parking field that opens right out onto the main road.  Most visitors followed the signs and parked there, where they were greeted by my grandson, Charles Rush Robinson, now 11, who signed everyone in, offered them a garden map and his advice about what was best to see.  The visitors could then enter the garden on flat, firm ground and follow the signs to enter through the new garden gate in front of the Greenhouse.  However, several visitors ignored the signs and followed their gps instead.  As a result, they missed the open gate to the parking field only to face the challenge of driving up to our driveway gate and walking in precariously over the cattle grate.  Not easy!   And not the most welcoming beginning to their visit.  Next year we must offer the Garden Conservancy gps coordinates for the proper parking field gate!   Nevertheless, I think everyone had a good time, and most managed to fit in visits to nearby Hollister House and High Meadows as well.   You can see the last guests leaving Brush Hill at the 4 PM closing as they walked back to the parking field.   IMG_7298IMG_7299