Tower Hill Botanic Garden — November 11, 2018

I was delighted to return to Tower Hill Botanic Garden where I had given a talk some years before about my first book to this time talk about my current book, Heroes of Horticulture. 

And a special treat to have one of my heroes come — Darrell Probst, who began his own extraordinary career in horticulture at Tower Hill. 

Particular thanks to Ann Marie Pilch for inviting me again and to her colleague, Trisha Danforth who took charge of the event on that Sunday afternoon.  Tower Hill is a treasure.  And I was particularly delighted to get to visit the Cottage and Vegetable Garden Darrell had designed many years before.  It is of course now not the same but the basic design and shapes survive and it continues to be a special part of Tower Hill.

I was delighted to see Jan Seymour come to have me sign my book for her, having known her earlier in her career at Wave Hill.  And honored to have my much admired friend, Judith Tankard come too since she herself is such a distinguished author of important books about horticulture and history.