Tower Hill Botanic Garden and City Gardens Club of New York City

The Witchhazels were blooming as I drove into the long driveway of Tower Hill Botanic Garden on a gloomy Saturday, March 2, looking like a spot of sun substitute to cheer me on.  Inside, I was met by Anne Marie Pilch who had organized my talk.  She said we must have both received the “fucshia memo!” as you can see from our clothes in the photo above.  The Camellia Society was also having an exhibit, complete with a beautiful array of many different kinds of magnificent camellias in full bloom, along with displays of some of the individual blossoms competing for ribbons.  My talk had a large, enthusiastic audience and I managed to fit in a visit to the exhibit and the magnificent atriums full of beautifully grown potted plants.





The Monday before, on February 25, I spoke for The City Gardens Club of New York City where I saw so many dear friends that I completely forgot to take any pictures!   Chris Cowles had orchestrated the event which was well attended.   We met in the beautiful, colonial style mansion on East 71st Street in Manhattan that belongs to The Colonial Dames; it is an elegant structure built in the 1930’s but looking straight out of Williamsburg.