Tower Hill Botanic Garden Visit May 24

Happily, the threatened rains held off for the visit by a delightful group from the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts.  Ann Marie Pilch, the Education Director there, could not come with the group but sent her colleague, Gayle Holland, who was the perfect tour leader.   Here we are after the garden tour as the group settled in to enjoy a picnic lunch at Brush Hill.  Delicious sandwiches were delivered by The Pantry, from town, and the visitors spread out and enjoyed many of the seating options throughout the gardens.   It added to their enthusiasm for the garden that Charlie broke out the wine and poured generously for everyone.

Here you see many of them sitting on the southern and northern terrace of the house.   IMG_7272IMG_7272IMG_7269 I particularly admired those slender enough to fit into the child sized Wave Hill style chairs intended for my grandchildren!

Others spread out to the Folly, the Well House (now young Charlie’s Clubhouse), the Pinnacle overlooking the Pond, the bench behind the fountain in the Moon Garden and a meditative figure by herself on the slope leading down to the Pond.  IMG_7275IMG_7278IMG_7281IMG_7280IMG_7284