Two Events — The Millbrook Garden Club and Byrd’s Books

On Monday, May 20, I spoke to the Millbrook Garden Club in the morning at the Sharon Town Hall.  There was a large audience and several of those attending had met Rosemary Verey and been to Barnsley House which made the conversation a lot of fun.  There was a  hearthstopping few moments at the beginning when the projector refused to connect to my slides but eventually it all worked out.  The miracles of technology!  Afterwards, Virginia Sermier who had organized the program invited me to join several others for lunch at Harney’s Teas in Millerton New York, not far over the border from Sharon, Connecticut.  I buy all my teas from Harneys so it was a delight to have an excuse to add a few more for special iced teas this summer.  You can see me with Virginia and Jeanne Goodwin holding books for sale after the talk.  Later, at lunch we were joined by Jane Keiter who generously drove me there and back, Maria Rooney and my long time friend Ellen Petersen who had suggested my talk to Virginia.  photo

The next day, I spoke in the evening, Tuesday May 21 at Bryd’s Books in Bethel, Ct.  A major storm, including possible tornadoes, was threatened so my huabnd, Charlie, insisted on driving with me even though he would have to listen to my talk yet again!  Fortunately, the storm held off and we were able to drive to and from Bethel in dry weather before all hell broke loose around 4 AM that night.  Alice Hutchinson has created a charming book store offering a marvelous selection of wonderful books.  It is on the second floor above a cafe.  The event was co-sponsored by the Bethel Garden Club who presented me with an orchid lei!  I have not had the pleasure of giving a talk bedecked in flowered before.   I even managed to buy a plant offered by the Bethel Garden Club to plant at Brush Hill, a lovely souvenir of a happy evening.  We also sold a lot of books which also makes me happy.  IMG_3588