Two Wonderful Book Parties

This past Wednesday, October 3, Martha and John Watts hosted a wonderful book party at their beautiful home in Brooklyn Heights for the benefit of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and their supporters.  The picture shows Martha and me receiving a gift of books from Scot Medbury, President of BBG.  All book sales benefited BBG.  Since the Watts are my co-grandparents, I was delighted to have our co-grandchildren in evidence so I could brag about their own gardening achievements at Brush Hill.  Skye and Charlie always love a party.  They are pictured listening to my brief remarks.

The week before, on Wednesday, September 26th, Mechy Mestre and her husband, Pedro Bonachea hosted a lively party for friends of theirs and mine at their  Manhattan apartment, filled with their  stunning modern art collection.   Mechy and I are pictured together standing in front of one wall installation.   We are also both alums of Bryn Mawr College so it was nice to have other distinguished graduates there as well.  Many of the guests had written several of their own award-winning books, so it was quite humbling to have them cheering for my own first effort .