U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington D.C.

On a beautiful spring day, I gave a book talk at the U.S. Botanic Garden’s Conservatory, in the shadow of the Capitol Building.  Thank you, Libby Rhoads for organizing such a lovely event.  Somehow we both got the “pink memo” as you can see from the picture below, standing in front of the most magnificent yellow orchid display.  Holly Shimizu, the Executive Director, honored me with her presence but then, she knew Rosemary Verey.  In fact, Rosemary had stayed in Holly’s home on one of her many United States trips, a visit Holly still remembers vividly and with great pleasure.  I was delighted to see the Botanic Garden featuring an example of wind power shown here, a standing message to those working on the hill above to craft the legislation that governs our environment.








Earlier that week, I spoke at the Watermark at East Hill, a residence for seniors located in Southbury, Connecticut not far from Brush Hill.  Evelyn Norup organized the luncheon event to benefit their Library and invited me along with two other authors shown with me, Katherine Valentine and George Feifer.   That was a very full agenda and I felt lucky to go first and be able to show some of my slides.