Winter Lingers On

Deep snow surrounds our house and has buried the garden in a thick winter blanket.  The only color appears in Charlie’s painted structures or on the red Christmas bow on Georgina.  We have been here without any travel since March 6, 2020, now almost a full year.  All my book talks have been cancelled of course and we only had visitors in the warmer months when we could have drinks distanced outdoors and safely on our terrace.  Happily, I have the greenhouse to keep me busy and my efforts to finish my next book.  With great fear and trepidation, I have agreed to give a book talk via Zoom but have no idea how I will be able to talk to a screen when I can not see anyone in the audience or hear their reactions, maybe even occasional laughter to keep me going.  This is not until April so fingers crossed I am up to this new age.